Confessor’s Animal Wartime Blues


How much does a master miss his pets when he’s away?


How much does a cat love to eat dog food?


How much patience does a dog have towards a cat?


Witness these confessions and resolve them all while enjoying the amusing play of colorful and rhyming words blended with entertaining illustrations in Confessor’s Animal Wartime Blues.


Frolic, purr, and chase the blues away!


Confessor’s Animal Wartime Blues is an amusing easy-to-read children’s book that gives joy to anyone who reads it. Comprising four entertaining poems – one poem recited by each character – this delightful treat will share a cheerful relationship of love and friendship.


With the perfect blend of rhyme and beautifully laid out illustrations, Confessor’s Animal Wartime Blues will surely paint a smile upon your face and bring its warm message to life.


Confessor’s Animal Wartime Blues


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ISBN13 (TP) 978-1-4415-2867-4

ISBN13 (HB) 978-1-4415-2868-1








Poetry: Reflecting on the Clouds of Everyday Living




A fascinating collection of poetic verses awaits you in
Poetry: Reflecting on the Clouds of Everyday Living by author–poet Mary Anne Miceli. With this inspiring anthology, one will enkindle feelings of hope through Miceli’s mastery and sincere use of words.

Designed into ten insightful chapters, Poetry: Reflecting on the Clouds of Everyday Living opens your eyes to the outstanding miracles of life, making it worth living.


Subtle yet profound, each poem in this collection conveys a distinct emotion, encouraging you to erase your shadowy past, forget your sorrowful present, and plan your bright tomorrow.

Paired with compelling photographs of Western Ireland, this book not only highlights Miceli’s command of words and rhythm, but her power of photography and visual art as well.


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ISBN 13 (TP): 978-1-4415-6682-9
ISBN 13 (HB): 978-1-4415-6683-6



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Boston North Shore’s Rhyming Fish Tales




Mary Anne Miceli’s latest book, Boston North Shore’s Rhyming Fish Tales, features rhythm, rhyme and colorful illustrations. This book is a collection of three rhyming poetic tales.


In “Essex Fish Auction,” she tells of an auctioneer’s call for pounds of pennies and pennies of pounds. “A pound a penny… A penny a pound… An accumulating amount of pennies Multiplies into an extraordinary number of pounds Creating an ever lasting supply of pennies all around.”


In “Gloucester’s Fish Stew: Three Thousand and Three Stirs,” she narrates how a one-hundred-three-year-old woman spends her day stirring her old cauldron to churn a tasteful stew. “Her soup was superb as she stirred and stirred And counted each stir with dismay, For three thousand and three… was the number that she Counted for her stirrings each day.”


And lastly, in “The Ipswich Lobster’s Lament,” she spins the hopes of a lobster that wants to grow and grow and never molt even if he is caught by a fishing boat. “If only, if only… I’d stop molting! I could travel as if rejoicing And save a watery species from harm By maintaining an underwater Ipswich sea farm.”


For all those who enjoy a good rhyme, a pleasant read, and delightful stories, Boston North Shore’s Rhyming Fish Tales will definitely be a sure treat.


Have an enthralling read as author Mary Anne Miceli creates a fusion of rhyme, rhythm, colors, and fun in three poetic stories.



ISBN 13 (SOFT): 978-1-4500-6359-3

ISBN 13 (HARD): 978-1-4500-6360-9




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Boston North Shore’s… Tales of Webs



Another delightful read awaits fans of author Mary Anne Miceli’s interesting and intriguing rhymes and tales.  With vividly illustrated images by artist Roger Terry, everyone will truly find Boston North Shore’s… Tales of Webs an engaging read.


In these two rhythmic tales, Mary Anne Miceli shares what a “Web” is, using lyrical rhymes to describe various meanings of a web.  Answering the question, “What is a Web?,” the verses provide a myriad of illustrated answers from a spider’s house to duck’s toes and more.


In the second tale, “Boston North Shore’s… Town Webs,” the author continues using web rhymes and verses but focuses on Boston’s North Shore towns.  Mary Anne Miceli features special places of Boston’s North Shore area, including a spider’s web in an Ipswich First Period House, Newburyport’s railroad link to Boston, and so many more.


Boston North Shore’s… Tales of Webs provides both children and adults a charming read about the different “webs” found all around them.


ISBN 13 (SOFT): 978-1-4568-1135-8
ISBN 13 (HARD): 978-1-4568-1136-5



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Boston North Shore's TeenY…Tiny…TICKssss…





They are but two TeenY…Tiny…TICKssss…
But they bring BIG BIG TROUBLE…
After two teeny tiny ticks climb onto the top of the filled up tub, the treacherous ticks latch onto the children’s soap. Unaware of the ticks, the young twin brothers take a bath and mayhem ensues as the ticks’ claws grip into each twin.
What will their mother do to remove the ticks and how will they rid the house of these bothersome critters?
Told in rhyming rhythm and complemented by brightly colored illustrations, “Boston North Shore’s Teeny, Tiny, Ticks” is a delightful read for all to enjoy.




ISBN 13 (SOFT): 978-1-4628-6671-7
ISBN 13 (HARD): 978-1-4628-6672-4



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