For those who take the Western World’s great social freedoms for granted, China Baby Doll is a double shot of cold reality that the citizens of the globe’s most populous nation have to grapple with in their everyday lives. The tale woven by author Mary Anne Miceli opens a window into a world where government policy creates both hardship and heartache for the families of precious baby girls. But while government policy dictating “family planning” may be highly effective in inflicting pain, China Baby Doll shows us that it can’t snuff out the innate love within a family.


- Joe Mahoney, Former Albany Bureau Chief for the NY Daily News

We live within an era and a society that increasingly demands that we learn to be competent in and with other cultural realities. In doing so, it is important that we do not fall into judgmental thinking but learn to open our minds and hearts with compassion and empathy. Mary Miceli’s China Baby Doll seeks to introduce readers to the cultural and political reality of China’s One Child Policy, a policy that has certainly impacted the demographics of American family life. While affirming the intrinsic value of every child, no matter what the gender, the book introduces the reader to some of the painful realities and dynamics that arise from the implementation of this Policy, inviting the reader to engage some of the cultural and familial tensions that surround and penetrate the practice. It is an accessible work, well written and illustrated, that will foster a meaningful dialog between parent and child, teacher and learner, prompting and promoting discussion of essential human values that transcend this cultural context.


- The Rev. Wendel W. Meyer, Ph.D.