China Baby Doll

by Mary Anne Miceli

Author Mary Anne Miceli explores the issue of China's One-Child and Son-Preference Policy in this endearing tale about a rural family's grief to send away a blessing given to them from heaven.

Two Chinese fathers arrange their children's wedding and long for a male grandchild to carry on the family farm. Instead, they welcome a beautiful China Baby Doll with porcelain skin and silky, luxurious hair.

The government mandate would not allow them to enjoy this lovely blessing so the two grandfathers put their new-born granddaughter into a wheelbarrow surrounded with fragrant flowers and abandon her in the center of town on market day. They know that government officials will take her to a local orphanage and hope an American family will adopt their China Baby Doll and provide a loving lifestyle for her.

China Baby Doll is a poignant tale based on a dilemma of how to protect their own precious child as well as to protect their family's livelihood.

Parents and teachers can read this touching, illustrated tale to make all - children and adults alike - aware of familial love, human rights, and adoption needs.

China Baby Doll


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ISBN13 (TP) 978-1-4363-9421-5
ISBN13 (HB) 978-1-4363-9422-2