About the Author


Mary Anne Miceli is a Boston native of Irish extraction and has enjoyed studying her Irish ancestral roots.  Mary Anne has always loved nursery rhymes and music.  She so likes the beat of 'rhythm in rhyme,' she thinks and composes in 'rhyming rhythm'.  She feels that life itself is a 'rhythmic process' of highs and lows like the ebb and flow of the tides. 

She feels writing is the hallmark of the creative process as it ‘purges the soul and inspires the mind’.


Mary Anne lives in a picturesque town on the North Shore of Boston and continues to write both Children's Picture Books and Poetry. Her published books include:  "China Baby Doll", "Confessor's Animal Wartime Blues",  "Poetry: Reflecting on the Clouds of Everyday Living” ,  “Boston North Shore's Rhyming Fish Tales” and ”Boston North Shore’s … Tales of Webs”